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    HFVAC. We do more!


    As the industry leader, we rely on 20 years of service experience in vacuum industry, providing all kinds of vacuum equipment, spare parts, and offering a comprehensive series of application solutions, to guard your production day by day in the field of vacuum technique.

    Call us on +86 (0) 21 62463311 to find out how we can help your business.

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    Improve overall equipment effectiveness


    HFVAC is a qualified equipment supplier to provide all major brands of vacuum equipment and related spare parts. Therefore, we more than you know what is the best for you.

    Depends on the understanding of vacuum equipment and industry application, we concentrated on delivering the most valuable products to our dear clients, and assist them reducing Cost of Ownership while improve Overall Equipment Efficiency!

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    Safety, Convenient and Peace of Mind!


    Our mission is to bring your business safety, convenient and peace of mind!

    HFVAC provide customers with vacuum equipment maintenance, repair, refurbishment and professional training services, to ensure your equipment uptime.

    Call us on +86 (0) 21 62463311 to find out how we can help your business.

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    Industries and Applications


    HFVAC provide products and support services to some of the world's most advanced industries enabling the production of everything from food packaging to Aeronautics.

    Call us on +86 (0) 21 62463311 to find out how we can help your business.

    Read about the applications of vacuum pump technology.

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    Chinesevacuum.com is organized by Chinese Vacuum Society affiliated to China Association for Vacuum Science and Technology.Our aim is to uphold the spirit of science, to propagate vacuum science and technology, to spread science method, to deepen the information exchange in field of vacuum science and technology by modern net technique.




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